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Sun 2020-06-21 9:52 AM
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Hi Christine, 
I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me yesterday. Oddly enough, right after everything ended, I felt really drained or exceptionally tired. So tired that I had to stop and take a quick nap. After I woke up, I started to think about the reading and looked over the notes that I made during it. What didn't seem to make sense at first or wasn't clear to me started to come together after thinking about the people in my life and you really hit on a lot of things. Even the ex that you mentioned, that was someone whom I wasn't thinking of at first, but I was with someone for several years who was penniless and treated women poorly. As for talking to a child when it came to arguments? Yeah, he would call me names and make everything my fault. I was really a mother to this person. This was the same misogynistic guy who stole money from me to support his drug habits and couldn't keep a job to save his life. To this date I believe he is not working and is living in the basement of his girlfriend's house. I was always angry at him but this was also the greatest lesson for myself. I took this to be a challenge to push myself to be independent, a stronger fighter and not let anyone put their shoes on my back ever again. 
You had touched on the 2 topics that I was most curious about and that really floored me. It confirmed what I had been thinking since last year that I needed to look after myself financially, find my own footing so to speak, before finding love. Even if you told me that I would never be with anyone I would have only wanted to hear what you said which was " things will get better" . This would at least give me hope that after all of this darkness I would truly find light. And I really thank you for that, Christine. You are an amazing person!